King Fish Benefits

A natural inhabitant of the cold, clean waters of Southern Australia, the Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola Ialandi) is variously known around the world as Australian Kingfish, Ricciola, Lechas, Magiatiko, Charuteiro, Gelbschwanz and Seriole Ialandi. In Japan, where it is known as the Hiramasa, it is regarded as one of the finest sashimi fish.

Renowned for its pale pink flesh and sweet, rich flavor, Yellowtail Kingfish is a diverse fish with few bones. It lends itself to a variety of cuisines and cooking styles, including Japanese sashimi and sushi, Thai dishes, grilling, steaming, baking and spicy salads.

Farmed Yellowtail Kingfish is genuinely superior to the wild variety, with a higher fat content, cleaner flavor and firmer texture making it more versatile, consistent and delicious.

Yellowtail Kingfish is in demand globally, as it seeks new sources of fish to compensate declining wild seafood stocks in the northern hemisphere and a growing preference for Australia’s “Clean and Green” seafood.