About Us

Webbazar is a ‘Delivery App‘ for door delivery of essential items such as groceries, fruits & vegetables, meat & fish etc from the stores where customers order.

Various vendors with various essential products of the local area are united at Webbazar to cater the needs of local customers.


  • Our mission is to trade Groceries, Vegetables, Meat, Fish etc. 
  • We focus on the delivery of the items in a ‘Ready to Cook’ pattern.
  • We are committed to a free delivery of 3 Km distance.

Product Categories

  1. Groceries
  2. Fruits & Vegetables
  3. Meat and Eggs
  4. Fish
  5. Dairy products
  6. Ice cream
  7. Bakery items
  8. Hotel items
  9. Medicines


  1. Customers save time.
  2. Customers get quality products.
  3. Customers get regional authentic products.
  4. The consignments are door delivered promptly.
  5. Vendors need not worry about the customer base.

Top Features

  • Customer’s shopping comfort is prioritized.
  • High quality products are assured.
  • Vendors of local authentic products are preferred.
  • Mostly cloud oriented vendors are encouraged.


  1. Planned to globalize by the sponsor’s assistance.
  2. Stakeholders (Sponsors) are compensated with Zaka Coins.
  3. Blockchain technology would be applied sooner.
  4. An additional mode of payment @’Zaka Coins has been included.